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How we help

Amplify adds a depth of experience in Product Management & Software Engineering allowing you to address the constant challenges experienced by both Design and Build teams.


Product Innovation

"the why and the what"

Products are the result of the ‘why and the what’ of your business.
We work with you on approaches to design, capturing requirements and prototyping to ensure you are building the right product, for the right market, at the right time.


Product Delivery

"the how"

Once the ‘why and the what’ are clear it's all about the ‘how.’ 
How to prioritise, how to track and how to build. 
There are many answers to these questions so we help you understand the best approach to each step and help you put this into practice.


Product Organisation

"the who"

Linked to the ‘how’ is the ‘who.’ 
Clearly understood roles, responsibilities and accountability is key to any team’s success. 
We help you define organisation structures & processes, work with you on building teams and skills, and enable winning teams step up a gear to face new challenges.

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Energy & Experience


Successful product management and software delivery is challenging and repeating that success is rare.

Amplify Consulting is a software engineering management consultancy led by Shane O'Flynn.  We provide both arms-length advice and hands-on services to your team to ensure you achieve and repeat that success.

Simply put, we help amplify your output.  We take what is already there and help you make it better.  We work with your ideas, your people and your products and turn up the dial on what you can achieve.  Adding the extra spark that takes things from where they are to where you know they could be.  Whether that is an investor pitch to amplify funds, a redefined product to amplify revenue or one-on-one coaching to amplify individual performance.

Carefully ensuring a balance between waiting for perfection and being good enough to proceed we constantly seek to challenge business inertia and analysis paralysis. We excel at streamlining product delivery, implementing low friction processes and delivering excellent software. 

We believe in rolling up our sleeves and getting things done.  We are equally comfortable delivering a C-suite strategy presentation as we are participating in a detailed Sprint planning design session or cutting code.

Our focus is on enabling our clients to take calculated risks in order to drive change and accelerate growth.

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With thirty years of experience in Software Design & Development, he has worked with start-ups, SMEs and multinationals helping their ideas become designs & those designs become reality.

Working across the globe he has contributed to customer projects in over forty countries, spending significant time on the ground with clients and partners.

Having built & led teams of over three hundred engineers globally, he understands the challenges & complexity of inspiring, leading & managing people across diverse cultures.

A technologist at heart, his experience spans all Software Engineering disciplines: Product Management & Design, Software Development, Test & Support, Program & Project Management and Professional & Managed Services.

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